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Free, Simple & Easy.

Premium Discount and Promotional Deals for your Business

Shop Friendly Group provides top discount & promotional deals with market leaders, such as Tip Top, Conroys, Bega, Balfours, Vilis, PFD.

How it works

The simple way for small businesses to get a discount from suppliers!

  1. You contact us and we organise your FREE membership

  2. We advise all of the suppliers (those listed above) plus others of your membership

  3. Suppliers note their records you are a member of Shop Friendly Group

  4. Suppliers register you for discounts & promotions connected with Shop Friendly Group

  5. We email you a comprehensive newsletter each month - the newsletter covers:

    • All suppliers promotions for the month

    • Any changes to suppliers discounts or group arrangements

    • General news that may be of interest to members


No contracts, no fees and no obligations!

It's simple. It's easy. And it's free to join.

  • No joining or exit fees.

  • No contract - one basic application form that does not bind you to any contract

  • Leave when you want

Our board of management is made up of experienced small business owners. They face the same day to day challenges that most small business owners face. Their wealth of knowledge in small convenience stores ownership and management is available (free of charge) to assist members solve problems that constantly arise.

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