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Refrigerated Goods

About Us

Retail Buying Power for Small Business

We are a group of retailers banded together to use our collective buying power to obtain better
discounts and promotions from suppliers.

There is a large variety of different types of businesses including Snack Bars, Delis, Convenience Stores,
Lunch Vans, Cafes, Bakeries, Service Stations, Small Supermarkets etc.

When suppliers consider our request for discounts and promotions, they look at us as a single entity rather than an individual business.

Our strength is in our numbers and just as importantly, our unity as a group.

If you are interested, why not give us a call?

Our promise to you is to give the facts and answer any questions you may have.

There are no fees, no obligaton and no contracts and you can leave the group at anytime.

We do not interfere with your business operation and only ask you support the suppliers that support us.
There are no catches, we are here to support small business where ever possible.

Simon Molyneux

Simon has a wealth of experience in small business having owned and operated several different businesses over the years from Convenience Stores, Delis, Cafes, Canteens and also having worked in Large Supermarkets (Foodland) in my earlier years as a Manager.

My extensive knowledge with over 45 years experience in the Retail Industry means I am well placed to advise members of the Shop Friendly Group in every aspect of matters that may arise.

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