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Refrigerated Goods

Free Membership & Savings Benefits

The simple and free way for businesses to get a discount from suppliers. We have banded together as a group, to obtain better buying power for each of these stores and to create a support network for South Australian small businesses.

There are no joining fees, no exit fees and no contracts!

Get in touch today to see how much you can save by becoming a member of Shop Friendly Group.

Premium discount & promotional deals
with market leaders

Shop Friendly Group has members from different types of business, including convenience stores, general stores, mini marts, bakeries, snack bars, and cafes just to name a few. 

As individual stores, many owners would have little to no bargaining power with their suppliers. As a group, we obtain that bargaining power together.  Based in South Australia, we have members from all areas including metro, regional. country and interstate.

There are no joining fees, no exit fees and no contracts!

No contracts, no fees and no obligations!

It's simple. It's easy. And it's free to join.

  • No joining or exit fees.

  • No contract - one basic application form that does not bind you to any contract

  • Leave when you want

Our board of management is made up of experienced small business owners. They face the same day to day challenges that most small business owners face. Their wealth of knowledge in small convenience stores ownership and management is available (free of charge) to assist members solve problems that constantly arise.

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